Millenium Film Journal: Experiments in Documentary


I just received the new issue of Millenium Film Journal, a special issue about experimental documentary, edited by Lucas Hilderbrand and Lynne Sachs. A lot of the contributors are friends, and the rest are people whose work I really admire: Michelle Citron, Donnigan Cumming, Jeanne Finley, John Muse, Tommy Becker, Sasha Waters Freyer, Su Firedrich, Richard Fung, Barbara Hammer, Alexandra Juhasz, Leandro Jatz, Ernie Larsen and Sherry Millner, Jesse Lerner, Frederic Moffet, Lynne Sachs, MM Serra, Deborah Stratman, Mark Street, Tran T. Kim-trang, Tess Takahashi, Julia Melzter and David Thorne, Greg Youmans, Konrad Stiener, Peggy Ahwesh, Caroline Koebel, Chie Yamayoshi, Grahame Weinbren. There’s also a conversation between me and Jonathan Kahana about South of Ten– and people interested in the topic of this journal will also want to read Kahana’s book, Intelligence Work: American Political Documentary. It’s an excellent work of scholarship that makes an important place for experimental documentary and the “essay film.” It’s formally sensitive to images and sound, at the same time as being wonderfully historical and committed to thinking about the political potential of representation through subtle formations and “structures of feeling.”


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